Young Arts

The Young Arts award this year, in which we normally donate £500 to a school that facilitates an art project which would not otherwise be possible, has not been awarded due to a lack of progress. The last Award was made in 2017 to Elmhurst Primary School, Street.

The school proposed to create a 'statue' from the stump of a recently felled Sycamore tree in the grounds. The pupils were invited to suggest designs that they would like to see, and the craftmen, The Tree Pirates, then amalgamated the ideas, demonstrated how the designs needed to  be adapted for practicable reasons and to make most use of the tree's remaining characteristics. The pupils witnessed the statue being created, as far as Health and Safey will permit with the chainsaw weilding Tree Pirates.

The childrens contribution was completed by half term Spring 2017 and the work started during the first week of the second half term. It took nearly a week to complete.

The joint Head Teachers, Mike Lawrence and Tracy Edwards were pleased with these opportunities to harness pupils' creativity with a learning experience, as well as generating a long lasting artifact which future generations will be able to appreciate. 

The Tree Pirates have a lot of experience working in conjunction with children and have wowwed their audiences, including the Glastonbury Pop Festival with their imaginative creations.

The completed sculpture is shown in the photograph and fully fulfills all that was expected of the project.