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26 March 2020Edwardian Elegance: Art, High Society and Fashion

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Edwardian Elegance: Art, High Society and Fashion Mary Alexander Thursday 26 March 2020

As usual these Days of Special Interest are held at Croscombe Village Hal , Fayreway, Croscombe, Wells, BA5 3RA.

Focusing on the sumptuous society portraits of John Singer Sargent, Philip de Laszlo, Giovani Boldini and other artists and designers who defined the ‘look’ of the period, we will look at paintings, photographs, interiors and fashion designs to recreate the opulent lifestyle of the artists’ aristocratic and nouveaux riches international patrons. What were the main society events of the Edwardian London ‘season’? Who were the key players? What role did King Edward VII and the Marlborough House set play in changing the rules of the game? We’ll also explore important influences from America and the effects of female emancipation on social conventions and etiquette. Commentaries from Henry James, Edith Wharton, and Elinor Glyn bring the personalities to life. 

Mary has thirty years' experience as a lecturer both in the UK and abroad, with a BA in History and History of Art and a MA with distinction in History of Art from University College London. Experience includes public lectures in museums, tutoring for the Open University, visiting lecturer at Christie's Education in London, museum curator at Platt Hall, the Gallery of Costume, Manchester. She also worked in Pentagram design consultancy in London and New York, organising conferences and special events. Author of various articles on design and visual awareness issues, and an enthusiastic member of her local Arts Society.